Thursday, June 05, 2014

Video demonstrates why anti-gay activist is called 'Porno Pete'

If anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera hates it when we call him "Porno Pete" then why does he give us such juicy reasons such as what he said in the following video courtesy of Right Wing Watch:


BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

I know plenty of gay men who can "pass" and PP would never know.
He is so busy checking out the men he never says anything about us lesbians. I know women who fall into a host of categories from very fem to very butch. Because I don't dress or walk like a "real" women does not mean I am not feminine.

Erica Cook said...

Oh, there's someone protesting too much. I just don't think it's the leather daddies.

Anonymous said...

"faux masculinity" see I was under the impression real men did not use the word "faux"