Thursday, June 05, 2014

Anti-gay article refutes its own claim about pride parade

On the American Family Association's fake news site, One News Now, there is a story alleging about "immoral activities" during a gay pride parade.

The headline is provocative:

Where were police during vulgar 'gay pride' parade? In it, of course

The charge - that the police were present while gays during a pride parade were supposedly being vulgar but did nothing about it - is also there:

A traditional values leader in Ohio found out where the police are when immoral activities are happening in homosexual pride parades. At issue are homosexual pride parades in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio although they happen nationwide. Phil Burress, who heads Citizens for Community Values, tells OneNewsNow that what occurs in the parades shouldn't be described, and certainly children shouldn't be exposed to it, he says. "You have women and men parading around in their underwear, and in Cincinnati it's not near as bad as it is in Columbus," he says. "In Columbus, women have actually gone topless before, and the signs and things are just totally inappropriate."

And the article actually includes a video of a Cincinnati gay pride parade . . . and that's where everything goes south for the article in rapid fashion. The video doesn't show any supposed vulgarities during the gay pride parade. In fact, the video contradicts the claims.

After all, who would walk around in their underwear in the rain:

I live for refuting religious right lies about lgbts. But there is a special joy which comes when they do the job for me.

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BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

I attended my first Pride parade in 1982. I have been in Phoenix,AZ , Columbus and Cleveland, OH and now for years in Baltimore,MD. I have never seen topless woman. I have never seen anything so vulgar that I was shocked.
Ohio does not like us at all which is part of the reason I don't live there any more. They will say and do almost anything to make us look bad.
As for police marching,I'm for it. I do want to thank every officer who spends their day keeping us safe. I make sure I thank them at each LGBT event. Funny how it is always the same ones who volunteer to work parades. Could it be that it is so friendly and peaceful?
Not one event in Baltimore goes on without some violence but no one ever hears that from Pride events.