Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Anti-gay groups chomping at the bit to limit lgbt equality after 'Hobby Lobby'

Well it's like I always say - never say a war is over until the other side totally and completely surrenders. It looks like the Hobby Lobby decision is giving the religious right encouragement to get crazy.  Let's get ready to fight and fight hard. These folks will go overboard. They always do.

From Talking Points Memo:

"We are not going to let it die. We are very committed," Rev. Terry Fox, a leading Southern Baptist minister, told the AP. "The Body of Christ is a powerful movement when it comes together."

 . . . Gay rights advocates don't seem to be fretting yet. First, they see the Hobby Lobby decision, and Kennedy in particular, on their side. Second, the forces that doomed the Arizona and Kansas bills -- namely, the business community -- are still in place. They aren't surprised by the renewed push in Kansas, but they don't believe it poses a danger to their cause.

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