Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The anti-gay mind is a stupid mind

Of course we know that many anti-gay spokespeople freely lie and demonize the lgbt community, but have you ever heard their rationalization for their behavior?

Here are two examples, courtesy of Right Wing Watch. The first is from Robert Reilly, an author of a new anti-gay book (which I refuse to mention) on a radio show with Jesse Lee Peterson. They both agree that lgbts are so "full of guilt" that we act out:

For the record, as a gay man I haven't done anything I should feel "guilty" about in over a year. And I say that with the utmost sorrow. Now the second clip is the Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver at a recent "celebrate America" event. Staver proceeds to explain how "sexual sin" is worse than other sins in a word salad so convoluted that Sarah Palin was calling him for tips:

It's a good thing that Staver doesn't feel the same about lying as he does about "sexual sin." Otherwise, he would be in enormous trouble.

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Dr. Shrinker said...

When I was young, we were told very emphatically that no sin is worse than another. All sins, they said, made one worthy of death. To pretend that one sin was worse than another was a lie promoted by "papists" and not "true Christians."

Now the idea of a hierarchy of sins seems to be embraced by the anti-LBGT crowd. Their theology seems to be one of convenience. I can't imagine what my old teachers would say.