Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Anti-gay right are picking on the judiciary again

Sorry for featuring such hyperbolic tripe so early in the morning but we can't afford to be blase about this sort of thing. This "documentary" reminds me of the propaganda films the Nazis used to show about Jewish people.

I mean really. Blaming the judiciary for the progression of marriage equality and claiming that they are "imposing their will" (of course without giving specific details as to which judges are doing so or any proof at all of these charges) is simply vile.

And it serves to cover up a simple fact about why judges are ruling for marriage equality. If - and I hope that if becomes a reality soon - marriage equality becomes legal across America, history will tell us that the folly of those against marriage equality played a huge part.

In 2004 and after, they voted to pass all of those anti-marriage equality laws with such abandonment that they seemed to have forgotten that the laws would be challenged in court.  The tactics they used to get these laws on the books were useless in the courts.

After all, you know what courts are, don't you? That's the place where ridiculous arguments such as  "marriage 'unites the two halves of humanity" and "marriage socializes men" don't fly. That's the place where anecdotes and horror stories about lgbts and children are like bullets to Superman's chest. That's the place where you can't sit in the studio of a fake newsroom and repeat your talking points without challenge. You will be challenged frequently and thoroughly.

It all comes down to a simple principle - don't pass laws you can't defend in court. 

Hat tip to Right Wing Watch.

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Scott S said...

The reality is that just a few weeks prior, they were celebrating the judiciary for the Hobby Lobby decision. Obviously, the judiciary is one of the 3 branches of the U.S. Government and should operate independently of the executive and legislative branches, although the process of nominating judges in some jurisdictions does not follow that maxim. Nevertheless, the reality is they criticize the judiciary when they don't like their decisions (such as when they upheld Obamacare or overturned section 3 of DOMA) and they praise them when they like the decisions (for example, putting G.W. Bush into office, or the Hobby Lobby case), which proves that hypocrisy is what self-named social conservatives (some would rather use the term "regressives") is best known for.