Wednesday, July 30, 2014

'Anti-gay personality Todd Starnes creating victims of anti-Christian persecution' & other Thursday midday news briefs

The Right-Wing Agenda Propelling False Claims of Christian Persecution - As much as I hate to be one of those queens who like to say "I told you so" (yeah, right), I predicted a while back how Fox News personality Todd Starnes would emerge as one of the head figures in the "anti-Christian persecution" meme spreading. Apparently his Bible says "thus I say unto you, if there are no victims of anti-Christian persecution, create some."

Trans in America - I love this photographic portrait!

Head of Virginia's anti-equality org: 'open season to discriminate against anyone who believes that children deserve a mom and a dad'- One of our biggest strengths is the opposition's love of hyperbole to make their points. I mean nobody likes a consistent and eternal drama queen.

Michael Sam Focuses On Making the Rams, Not History - And THAT, my friends, is the right frame of mind to have. Good luck, Mr. Sam.  

Rick Santorum Angry That Marriage Equality Supporters 'Devalued' Marriage - Let's make him angrier just to see what happens.

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Erica Cook said...

Soy products make people gay? Hmm, I think I may know where this myth comes from. I'm a... eh, well... lapsed body builder, and a vegetarian. Protean becomes one of the trickier things to get enough in my diet when seriously lifting. It is well known in the body building community that soy is high in synthetic estrogen and can counter weight training. Now, I happen to have slightly higher than normal testosterone levels, nothing dangerous just high norm for a woman, so it's a moot point, but men are discouraged from using soy as a protean source. Now, it used to be thought that hormone levels made people gay and so doctors treated it with an increase in testosterone, with some comically pornographic effects. But to this day it is feared by some that too much estrogen will make a man gay, because people are stupid. Because of this people say soy products make men gay. If that were the case I should be married to a man with 6 kids by now, 90% of my protean is soy based.