Wednesday, September 03, 2014

'Ex-gays lose another leader, Michael Sam becomes a Cowboy' & other Wednesday midday news briefs

Cowboys sign Michael Sam to practice squad - It's the practice squad but it's a damn good start. Sam has said he wants to prove himself and he should have the opportunity regardless of sexual orientation. One thing though - does this mean I have to drop my over 30-year vendetta against the Dallas Cowboys? In 1980, they beat my Steelers in a preseason game and you know us gay folks don't forget @!%.  I won't even bring up Superbowl XXX.  

New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade To Allow LGBT Group For First Time Ever - Oh this is going to be interesting . . .  

FRC's Craig James: Religious Right Should Be More Like The LGBT Rights Movement - Well some of them are part the way there. There are plenty members of the religious right who are just like lgbts . . . except for that part about being in the closet. 

 Daily Caller Defends Racist, Transphobic Writer Against “Politically Correct Hysteria” - Because sooner or later, us "politically correct" folks will stop people from using ugly language describing African-Americans and folks of the Jewish faith. Oh, we are suuuch bullies.

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Patrick said...

I took a couple days off from paying any attention to news, blogs, and social media, during which time Michael Sam was dropped and rehired. What the heck were the people on our side freaking out over? That he didn't get picked up by someone less than 24 hours later? WTF? The team owners or whoever don't get a day to mull it over?