Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Oh Linda Harvey, Anita Bryant would like a word with you . . .

Linda Harvey
I get amazed at the homophobic horror stories that alleged "ad executive turned Christian" and hate group leader Linda Harvey (of Mission America) clings to in her zeal to supposedly expose the so-called "homosexual agenda."

This week  (October 13-17) is Ally Week, which is promoted by the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). The purpose is for students to engage in a national conversation and action to become better allies to LGBT youth. 

Leave it to Harvey to claim that Ally Week is an insidious plot one can only read about in a juicy James Bond novel, i.e. a nefarious scheme by gays to "recruit" children. In the equally noxious anti-gay publication BarbWire, Harvey crafted a piece of hysterical paranoid ramble which has to be read to be believed. The following are the juicier parts:
The Ally Week message highlights sad experiences of very confused teens, but the purpose is never to expose the truth about these harmful behaviors and help kids overcome them, but to keep pushing sin on kids while demonizing all who try to point these students to a different standard.

 The effort originates with GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. So going along with this week’s message will mean children become activist endorsers of homosexuality and gender switching. And no responsible parent wants that.

 . . . the real goal is to point the finger at natural marriage, at Judeo-Christian sexual moral standards, and call them evil. “That’s bullying!” is the attitude of the student activists being trained by GLSEN in the “gay-straight alliances” (homosexual clubs) in high schools and middle schools. It’s also the attitude of some teacher activists as well.

 Are adolescents drawn to homosexuality always victims? Some are and I believe most school administrators are quick to punish vicious verbal or physical assaults no matter what the motive. But GLSEN wants to put schools on the defensive and teach children to be suspicious of those in authority (unless the authority is a teacher who’s an out and proud homosexual or has undergone a sex change). “Ally Week” indoctrinates your children to defend homosexuals and that means they are to defend their behaviors, desires and lifestyles.

. . . Most children want to be true friends. They want to help the underdog. And here’s the real trick of Satan—it’s especially children like yours and mine, raised as Christians, raised to want to be kind to others as God has been merciful to us, who are often vulnerable to this message, unless we teach them keen discernment along with that Christ-like compassion. 

Every time I hear or read one of Harvey's bizarre homophobic spiels (such as when she advised parents to not let "openly gay" doctors or nurses near their children or when she claimed that in actuality, gay people don't exist), I am reminded of the scene in the movie A Clockwork Orange, where the main character is tied down with his eyeballs taped open while images and music is flashed all around him.

It's an ugly thing to imagine and I apologize beforehand for saying it, but do you ever get the feeling that someone did that to Harvey, i.e. tied her down, taped her eyeballs opened and forced her to listen to and watch old Anita Bryant speeches when she spoke against the lgbt community or maybe a marathon of The 700 Club episodes when Pat Robertson was especially homophobic in his language?

I'm speaking purely tongue-in-cheek, of course. However, sometimes I seriously wonder . . .

For the record, Ally Week is not a nefarious plot to "recruit" children. I don't know what makes me angrier - the notion itself or the fact that the notion is so damn tacky and retro.  I thought the religious right talking point these days is how lgbts are attempting to "take away the rights of Christians," not their children.

Ally Week is a way in which we can support our lgbt youth and end bullying and harassment in schools which plays a role in them not reaching their full potential mentally and spiritually. How anyone can be against this is beyond me.

Seriously though, I left Harvey under her column and I hope she gets it:

It's too late, Linda. The conspiracy is longer and deeper than you know. It starts with fairy tales like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. After all, what are seven bachelors living alone in the woods anyway? Then it moves up to cartoons, particularly Bugs Bunny. Those times he dresses in drag aren't accidental. And doesn't Daffy Duck strike you as a queen? Oh, and Charlie Brown. I mean why does Marcie call Peppermint Patty "sir?" And then there is the Smurfs. How come Smurfette is the only woman in Smurf Village? What did they do before she showed up? Notice how they sneak the word "gay" in almost every episode. It's NOT by accident. I personally blame the Gay Mafia on Broadway. You notice how many gay people win Tony Awards?

One more thing about the "recruiting" lie. If lgbts could recruit, why the hell would we go after children and leave all of the hot celebrities and fabulously rich people unscathed?

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