Tuesday, October 14, 2014

'Bryan Fischer: Rainbow flag is the 'mark of the beast'' & other Tuesday midday news briefs

I think our victories for marriage equality has driven some members of the anti-gay right crazy.

Example 1:

See Jeremy Hooper for more details

Then there is Example 2 (and it's a DOOZY):

This confuses the heck out of me. So the rainbow flag is now the "mark of the beast" and it has been said that this mark is emblazoned on the forehead. Well I once knew a guy who had a rainbow flag on both of his butt cheeks and . . . never mind. This is a "family blog."

In other news:

Interview: Laverne Cox Presents New Hope for Trans Youth With Documentary The T Word - Something supporting our children, particularly our transgender children, is something we should all support. 

Fox News Entertains Discredited Notion That Same-Sex Marriage Is Causing A Decline In Heterosexual Marriage - Leave it to Fox News. I swear it's enough to make you sick.

What Happens When Your Mom Catches You Having Sex (VIDEO) - Check to see if the insurance policies are paid up. Either hers or yours will do cause she will either kill you or have a heart attack.


Sean said...

The fictional human made notion of the "mark of the beast" is allegedly "666". If you look at your phone and key in "NOM", you will get 666. Therefore anti-gay Inc. is the mark of the best.

Now, back to the rational civilized world.

Erica Cook said...

In regards to the gogo boy, the best coming out seen ever created? Buffy, and I don't mean where Everyone finds out Tarrah is Willow's girl friend. Watch the end of season two some time and you'll get it.