Monday, November 17, 2014

Arizona wedding chapel's discrimination legal, owners still whine about 'persecution'

This is rich. A wedding chapel in Arizona which holds religious and non-religious weddings turns down a lesbian couple. The wedding chapel is well within its rights according to state law and the lesbian couple will not pursue legal action, but do bring up a good point of the chapel not posting anything about hold same-sex marriages.

So why is the owner of the chapel still furious? Because the lesbian couple chose to take the story to the media. Cue the "War on those who believe in Jesus" crap.  It's bad enough that some businesses do not want to cater to the lgbt community. But when they get angry when that fact is known, the situation becomes highly surreal:

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BJohnM said...

Let's see, now why would that upset them...having it out there...Oh yeah, it might cause some straight people to go elsewhere, and money comes before Jesus.