Wednesday, November 12, 2014

'I'm not gay no more - the remixes' & why we laughed

By now you all have heard about the video of the young man at the Church of God in Christ’s 107th Holy Convocation in St. Louis and his proclamation about "not being gay no more." The video has caught fire and gone viral, with so many folks ridiculing it that the whoever filmed it - no doubt church officials - has placed it on private view.

However, that only makes the situation worse because there are so many copies on youtube:

And then there are the remixes seen below.

But first, let me address something. A twitter friend of mine made a good point about hypocrisy. He said that it's a shame that so many folks laughed at this video but would weep at hearing about gay men forced in reparative, or 'ex-gay' therapy.

Like I said before, it's a good point. However there is something different with this video. It's just so damn surreal. It's a basic farce. I don't care how loud folks in the video, including the young man, shouted and danced about his "deliverance." Nor do I care that the pastor handed him $100 as sort of a symbolic gesture of God's grace (seen in the original video).

Don't nobody - and you can quote me on this - NOBODY  believe that this young man is no longer gay. No matter how many folks the pastor cajoled to come up and do a praise dance with the young man, it would never equal the number of folks talking amongst themselves and each other, during the event and afterwards on the phone, who probably said  "that child still got some sugar in his tank."

What we see  is the unfortunate level that some in the black community would stoop to in order to not discuss issues regarding lgbts of color or even look at us in the same light as they would other segments of our community.

My black brothers and sisters would rather carry on a farce like this for fear that God would strike them down for even considering showing a little acceptance to lgbts.

And to me, that's a damn shame. You have to laugh because in this case, it's only thing left to do:

Now on to the remixes:


Believe or not, there are more out there. Too many for me to post

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