Wednesday, November 12, 2014

'South Carolina gets marriage equality, but . . .' & other Wednesday midday news briefs

Judge rules that gays have constitutional right to marry – first federal ruling on an S.C. same-sex marriage case - WHOOPEE! HURRAY!! Okay celebration is over. Two things we must remember. The ruling has been stayed until Nov. 20 and Governor Haley and Attorney General Wilson can appeal it, which they probably will. And here I thought tea party legislators were all about NOT wasting money. But even more important than that, as the next news brief shows, if marriage equality DOES become the unadulterated law in SC, we will be seeing the opposition twist the fight to that of  'religious freedom.' In the words of actress Pam Grier from Coffy, "you'd better believe it's coming."

GOP Texas Lawmaker Wants To Enshrine 'License To Discriminate' Against Gays In State Constitution - THIS is the next fight and it's time to gear up for it. It will be coming to SC sooner or later.

Religious liberty = discrimination: A complex issue explained in simple terms - THIS is how we gear up for the post marriage-equality war. By explaining the "religious liberty" lies in simple terms. Discrimination is discrimination and if visuals help, USE THEM. This post was published by me this morning but it bears repeating.

 'The War on Christmas' mirrors anti-LGBT movement's current playbook - In the world of the religious right, businesses should be able to discriminate against gays but GOD HELP THEM if they don't say "Merry Christmas."

Pope Demotes Outspoken Conservative Cardinal - "Bye, Felicia." 

Religious Right Group: Net Neutrality Threatens Free Speech - Proof that the religious right sells out to the highest bidder. Net Neutrality is for YOU TOO, dumb asses!

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