Tuesday, November 18, 2014

'Vicious homophobia replaces 'good will' at the Vatican' & other Tuesday midday news briefs

AG Wilson, same-sex Charleston couple on legal collision course in 4th Circuit - headed to U.S. Supreme Court? - We all knew that attaining marriage equality in South Carolina would be one hell of a fight. That's what it's shaping up to be. Come on, Mr. Wilson. Give it up, turn it loose. 

#Humanum speaker accuses gay activists of hijacking civil rights movement; 'God will not be mocked!' - Girlfriend, you can run that line about "highjacking" until you are blue in the face. And speaking of mocking God, you all are getting mighty close to it. 

 #Humanum at the Vatican: Courting inequality at expense of goodwill - Looks like to the Pope, vicious homophobia equals "good will."  

Jim Garlow: Religious 'Onslaught' Needed To Fight 'Demonic' Gay Marriage - And Garlow is just one guest at the Vatican.

 15 same-sex couples marry in mass legal ceremony in Sedgwick County - Victories like this should happen all of the time.  

Myths About Transition Regrets - A very good friend of mine, Brynn Tannehill, dispels some ugly myths about our transgender brothers and sisters.

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