Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bobby Jindal wants you to pray with THIS MAN

Louisiana Gov Bobby Jindal's little prayer thing is coming up this weekend, so I thought I would remind folks just who Jindal is teaming up with in this little venture of his.

I'm doing this particularly because according to Right Wing Watch, the conservative magazine National Review is deliberately distorting the situation when it comes to the sponsors of this event, the anti-gay hate group American Family Association:

The National Review’s Eliana Johnson has taken note of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s hosting of this weekend’s “Response” prayer rally as well as the protests it has sparked on the campus of Louisiana State University. Johnson’s article accurately portrays the rally as part of presidential hopeful Jindal’s political outreach to evangelical voters, but it mischaracterizes the reason for the protests:

The event has already sparked controversy because the group underwriting it, the American Family Association, has organized boycotts against companies that do not use the word “Christmas” in their holiday advertising and communications as well as those that participate in gay-rights events or donate to gay-rights causes. That included a one-month boycott of PetSmart last November and a three-year boycott of Home Depot that ended in 2013. 

People aren’t protesting Jindal’s partnership with the American Family Association because it has organized boycotts. Boycotts are the least of the problems with the intensely anti-gay AFA, whose chief spokesperson Bryan Fischer is a font of broadcast bigotry and has argued that only Christians — and certainly not Muslims, Hindus or Mormons (whom he does not consider Christian) — are covered by the First Amendment’s religious liberty guarantees.

In other words, roll the video footage of Fischer's "greatest hits and while viewing it, ask yourself, "Would you pray with this man?"

Or better yet, "Would you want the person who sees nothing wrong with praying with this man anywhere near the White House?":

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I think I'd rather put my arm in a bear's mouth.