Monday, February 09, 2015

AL Chief Justice Roy Moore throws facebook tantrum over success of marriage equality

For the most part (we still have to work on a couple of things), marriage equality has successfully come to Alabama.

And that leaves state chief justice Roy Moore in an ugly mood. Moore has been very vocal against the federal decision and last night, tried a last ditch effort - an unsuccessful last ditch effort - to stop it.

Seeing that his plan failed, Moore posted an unbelievably vicious post on Facebook. It has since been taken down but Right Wing Watch saved a copy of it:

And apparently he wasn't done yet:

Moore also posted a statement from his wife, Kayla, who leads the Foundation for Moral Law, a legal group founded by Moore. Kayla Moore’s statement cites Leviticus to condemn homosexuality as an abomination and slam the federal court’s ruling.

 “Founded by Chief Justice Roy Moore, The Foundation for Moral Law's goal is to be the sword of the spirit for Christians all over who don't want to see Alabama or America become the next Sodom and Gomorrah,” she said. “We will continue our battle against evil, and judicial immorality.”
 She called on gay people and their allies to turn away from their “sexual lust” and turn to God:

 “Today the sacred institution of marriage is being destroyed by the LGBT community and liberal politicians who ‘want change’ as did our President; and they make their rulings based on their emotions and not law. Every human being wants to find meaning in their life, some find it in religion, some find it in material things, certain people find it in sexual lust; however, all they need is Jesus Christ. We as Christians do not condemn homosexuals; instead we point them toward eternal life through Christ Jesus.” 
I know there is an eagerness to call Moore and his wife names and laugh at their folly. However, let's be analytical about this. Moore actually did us a favor.

People on his side of the argument have been careful to shield the simple fact that their disagreement with marriage equality is one deriving from simple homophobia.

"It's about protecting marriage," they say to us. "We have no problems with homosexuals living the way they want, but they have no right to redefine marriage for the rest of us."

Moore proves that  behind the careful rhetoric and talking points, the disagreement with marriage equality has always been about animus against the lgbt community.

Animus and homophobia can't stand up in court and that's the reason why Moore's side is losing the argument in the courts.


Journey into Love said...

If this facebook account is really his personal one, then he needs to go back to grade school. His grammar and punctuation is horrible. At the very least maybe we should provide that judges need to pass basic English tests.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Roy Moore is wrong and we all know it.