Monday, February 09, 2015

Alabama marriage equality tantrum slap in the face to all Americans

“I will never perform a so-called same-sex marriage. A federal court can put me in jail for life, and I will still never perform a so-called same-sex marriage. As a believer in the Word of God… I cannot in good conscience participate in a purported marriage ceremony which I strongly believe would profane the sacred institution of marriage.”

 “This is not about hating people. Each of us needs to treat every other human being with dignity and respect, regardless of our diametrically opposing viewpoints on this divisive issue. But tolerance is a two-way street. Either there is tolerance for all or there is tolerance for none. I want tolerance for my personal religious viewpoint.”

Alabama Probate Judge John Enslen  thinks that not only his personal religious beliefs supersedes federal law and the rights of United States citizens who fairly win their court cases, but also mandates that he should get away with the dereliction of his sworn duty on the taxpayer's dime, even if some of those taxpayers are the people whose rights he is deliberately ignoring.

Regardless how anyone feels about marriage equality, it is an issue which is being decided fairly by the federal courts. We are not a theocracy but a secular nation of laws - - laws whose constitutionality are generally decided in the courts. Those states who oppose marriage equality have been unable to provide proof as to the constitutionality of their laws. Plain and simple. That's why they are losing. In spite of all of their rhetoric about "activist judges" and "black robed tyrants," those against marriage equality have provided no proof that any chicanery has been going on. Heck, they can't provided proof that their policies against marriage equality is sound. That's why they are throwing tantrums now. Because they don't have any other options.

But this next step Probate Justice Enslen, and a few other judges in Alabama are taking is dangerous to not only the rights of same-sex couples, but all United States citizens.

If state judges can get away with ignoring a federal ruling simply because they do not agree with said ruling on whatever grounds, they are giving themselves precedent to ignore any and all federal rulings they do not agree with.
Today it's marriage equality. Who knows what it may be tomorrow?

If this mockery of our legal system is not contained now, we are going to see lots of trouble in the future . . . and with other things besides marriage equality.

Exploiting your religious faith to get your way when you lose in federal court is not American. And it's certainly not Christian.


Anonymous said...

These people can do all the pitching and moaning they want within their groups. To refuse me a secular service on religious grounds forces me to conform to their religion. Don't believe it is supposed to work that way.

Steve Karmazenuk said...

In fact, it sounds a lot like Sharia law...the imposition of a religious viewpoint that supercedes all other laws and judiciary, for the sake of the (alleged) word of God.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Your beliefs can be tolerated, sure. Your actions when they hurt people, no, no tolerating allowed there.

Erica Cook said...

What would it be next? Women's reproductive rights. Some states will decide that their preexisting laws to Row V Wade are legitimate.