Tuesday, February 10, 2015

'Complaints filed against AL probate judge for refusing same-sex marriage licenses' & other Tuesday midday news briefs

Complaints filed against probate judge for refusing same-sex marriage licenses - Yes! If your refusal to do your job robs folks of their hard-won rights, you pay the price.  

Jeffress: Gay Marriage Is 'The Greatest Sign Of The End Times That We See In Our Country Right Now' - Whatever happened to the good old days when doom-and-gloom prophets looked the part. Somehow appearing on television shows, radio shows and in front of scores of folks while dressed like a GQ model (and I haven't even mentioned the bank account) kinda paints you as not credible.

South Dakota Lawmaker Says It Was A ‘Significant Error’ To Allow Transgender Student Athletes - For Pete's sake, stop picking on our transgender children! 

 Alabama marriage equality tantrum slap in the face to all Americans - From time to time, I will include posts I've already written in the news briefs because I feel said post makes a point which should be shared as much as possible. This is such a post. We need to emphasize the following point continuously: "Exploiting your religious faith to get your way when you lose in federal court is not American."  

How 'Respectablity Politics' Muted The Legacy Of Black LGBT Activist Pauli Murray - Another lgbt of color historical figure we don't know about yet . . .

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