Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Montana pastor: Why not discriminate against gays. We discriminate against child molestation

Folks who claim that we lgbts are too pushy and or can't handle "disagreement" with our supposed lifestyle don't know what we know and they certainly don't hear what we hear.

And most of all, they don't take into account how certain things which are said affects our lgbt children.

What I am talking about is this awful video below from January in which a Montana pastor spoke to lawmakers in opposition of a non-discrimination bill:

Partial Transcript:

 “I am here primarily as representative of myself and my family, most specifically my children, and that wouldn’t change if one of my children were to come forward and announce themselves as homosexual,” Steve Boettger of the First Baptist Church of Cascade said at the hearing.

“I firmly believe I do not have to agree with someone’s behavior in order to continue loving them.” “We do, as a culture and as a people, discriminate against behavior, and whether it is voluntary, innate, in-born, a choice, it is really not relevant to the point that it is indeed behavior,” he explained.

“For instance, we discriminate against incest. We discriminate against child molestation. We discriminate against a long list of behaviors that have long been believed to be wrong.”

 “I don’t understand how it is we could possibly disagree with what thousands of years have said, that most people have agreed is wrong. I think it is easy to understand that every advancement of this agenda… comes at the expense of what our founders, who I believe were right, set forth as our first right, and that is the right of religious expression.”

Mr. Boettger seems to forget that historically, segregation and the second-class status of women was thought to be a part of correct "religious expression." As for  the rest of his speech, it always amazes me when folks reduce lgbts to their fevered sexual imaginations or compare us to pedophiles and then act all shocked when we take offense.

Saying you love someone before ripping away their humanity is merely a facade. It's no different than expressing love before you proceed to punch out of your partner.

Lgbts don't need nor do we want love like that and personally if I DID want love like that, I would pay my mother to pistol whip me (apologies to Suzanne Sugarbaker).

By the way,the bill was voted down 7-5 thanks to the Republicans who were against it.

Hat tip to Raw Story.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Most child molesters are heterosexuals...probably a good idea to discriminate against ALL OF THEM (after all they are dangerous to everyone including themselves)! Damn, is their no end to the stupidity amongst these religiouslike clodhoppers?

Erica Cook said...

"Mr. Boettger seems to forget that historically, segregation and the second-class status of women was thought to be a part of correct 'religious expression.'"

I don't think they've forgotten. I think they are biding their time until they can bring those things back too. How often have these same people been associated with racists, and people who talk about women's proper place. Isn't one of the religious rights arguments that children in same sex parented homes don't learn proper gender roles? You take a look at what they say and one thing becomes very clear. We are NOT their only target, we are simply the first step to something worse, and that is the subjugation of everyone who is not lime them. That is race, religion, gender, sexuality, and I wouldn't be surprised if it extended back to disabilities.