Tuesday, February 03, 2015

LGBT History is Black History. Black History is LGBT History

Even yours truly can take time out from blogging, truth telling, and religious right spanking to note special occasions.

February is Black History Month and I love all celebrations with regards to my racial heritage . . . except for the fact that lgbts of color who have made positive historical marks are always omitted from mainstream Black History Month mentions.

Therefore, from time to time this month, I will be presenting videos, old blog posts of note, and various other things which will remind folks that lgbts of color played a huge role in the survival and progression of African Americans:

Unfortunately, as the video above demonstrates, even marginalized groups of people can accidentally practice the tactics which led to their own omission. I am aware and saddened by the fact that the video includes no African-American transgender brothers and sisters. However, rather than apologize about it, I thought I would improvise and include a few myself. My apologies to folks I may omit and please note that those below are only a very small representation of the wide variety of talent, intellect, and dignity African-American transgender brothers and sisters have brought to America:

Lucy Hicks Anderson - marriage equality pioneer

Kylar Broadus - Activist, attorney, professor
Monica Roberts - journalist, activist, good friend (I call her Cleopatra Jones behind her back).

Miss Major Griffin Gracy - participant at Stonewall
Tiq Milan - Senior Media Strategist of National News, GLAAD

Kye Allums - NCAA Divison 1 basketball star


Erica Cook said...

okay, total geek moment. Gorge Washington Caver was gay? Awesome! That guy totally rocked.

Erica Cook said...

Laverne Cox
CeCe McDonald
and one other that is driving me crazy that I can't think of her name. She is a smaller woman and I want to say an actor too. She was on a talk show with Laverne Cox. I know these people are still here, but you know, being openly transgender is still a new thing. I think they should get credit for having the courage to start a new history of trans pride.