Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Anti-gay American Family Association defends idiotic full-page SCOTUS ad with even worse explanation

Okay, here is a secret about anti-gay groups which you probably already know.

It is almost impossible for them to admit that a course of action they have taken was wrong, misguided, or too extreme.

No matter how stupid it is, or how much criticism they receive, they won't back down. It's a somewhat admirable trait sometimes. But not all of the time. We are all human and, as such, tend to make mistakes. When we do make mistakes, we do need to acknowledge such.

So why am I saying all of this? Because of today's absolutely bat-crazy full-page ad in The Washington Post by the American Family Association. The ad implied a warning of damnation to the Supreme Court if  it rules for marriage equality later this year:

The Supreme Court hasn't even heard the case as of yet and AFA is implying eternal damnation should it rule the so-called wrong way.

Real smart, guys. And the usage of the famous painting "The Creation of Adam" was almost a nice touch. We'll just forget the fact that the artist, Michelangelo, was reputed to be gay.

And like I hinted  before, the AFA refuses to back down.. According to Right Wing Watch, its president, Tim Wildmon, issued a defiant (and scatterbrained) defense of this idiotic full-page ad:

Real nice guys. I hate to see what plans you think of to get your agenda across when you ARE using your brain.

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