Tuesday, March 24, 2015

'Anti-gay group tries to 'move' Supreme Court with full-page ad against marriage equality' & other Tuesday midday news briefs

Look: AFA Threatens Supreme Court To Decide Marriage Biblically In New Washington Post Ad - Cause threats of Biblical damnation have ALWAYS moved the Supreme Court. Really . . . I swear . . .

Ted Cruz Announces Presidential Campaign At Religious Right School Stacked With Anti-Gay Activists - Yesterday, many of us laughed at the idea of Sen. Ted Cruz running for president. Today, let's look at Liberty University, the so-called Christian school where he made his announcement. I feel sorry for these students and you will too when you read who is employed there.

Russia’s Bid To Curtail LGBT Benefits At The UN Fails - Yeesh! What IS Russia's problem?

 Michigan Planet Fitness Sued By Woman Who Claims They Are Too Kind To Transgender People - Girlfriend, you KNOW that is a frivolous lawsuit!

 About those children of fractured families who keep blaming same-sex parenting for their issues... - I HIGHLY recommend this post to ANYONE who thinks that same-sex couples raising children is somehow a danger. Just a simple masterpiece of love and joy.

 Pat Robertson: Denying Service To 'Ungodly' Gays Like Refusing Idol Worship - Pat Robertson . . . Lord . . . Pat Robertson.

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