Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sandy Rios of the AFA gets martyrdom mixed up with injustice

How did I miss THIS idiocy?

The following video below is radio talk show host and American Family Association director of governmental affairs Sandy Rios at a recent religious right event. She pushes the usual "bathroom fears" about the transgender community and other lies about marriage equality.

Then she says something which is supposed to be serious, but comes across as inane. She says folks should be ready for "martyrdom"

Martyrdom, or sacrificing your very life for a cause, be it your faith or whatever. Martyrdom because this is soooo much better for America?:

And this is so much worse?:

Apparently Ms. Rios has gotten it backwards. Historically, it is for the cause of justice that people lost their lives, i.e. defending the little man, providing comfort and assistance to those in need, or just simply speaking out in the face of violent oppression. Gays getting married and transgender males and females not being looked at as predators is simple justice overcoming injustice. No one has EVER become martyrs for the cause of injustice. And that's not going to change. Period.

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