Thursday, March 26, 2015

'Anti-gay victory in Indiana may signal bigger loss against lgbt equality' & other Thursday midday news briefs

Breaking: Indiana Governor Mike Pence Has Signed 'Religious Freedom' Bill Into Law - Gov. Pence signed that awful bill into law, as everyone knew he would. Don't let what happened fool you. "Religious liberty" bills are a sad, desperate attempt from folks who can't stop marriage equality. And as the tweets in this article shows, no matter how much they crow about it, the anti-gay right has to know that these sort of bills will backfire. The next step for us is to get engaged, stay engaged, keep the conversation going on how these bill will allow discrimination, and wait for someone to "use" this bill. And shield ourselves as we maneuver the fireworks.  

Indiana's governor signs bill allowing businesses to reject gay customers - And already, the religious right have lost control of the conversation, as this CNN headline demonstrates.  They say it's not about discrimination, but no one is fooled. "Pop! Pop! POP!"

What Fundamentalists Are Missing About Religious Freedom Bills - The irony about these bills is that they are now moving us into the territory to discuss religious doctrine vs. public policy. This is no longer solely a conversation about lgbt equality, a tactical error on the part of those pushing these bills. 

 Blast From the Past: States Using 'Religious Freedom' to Justify Segregation - Yep. A serious tactical error if we as a community can show it. 

 Klingenschmitt: Transgender People Are Driven By A Demonic 'Predatory Spirit Of Sexual Exploitation' - This would be funny, except for the simple fact that fear-based rhetoric like this . . .  

Virginia School Board Votes To Force Transgender Student Out Of Bathrooms - . . leads to junk like this. No child should be treated like this.


Nancy Green said...

Does open up the question of how creative use of the law can expose its flaws. They are assuming that it will protect conservative Christians only.

Anonymous said...

Most of Indiana bill, SB101, concerns how government can act due to religious beliefs. You don't even have to declare a religion, just a belief.

The only mention of private business is at the end. Businesses may hire or refuse whomever they please for whatever reason that pleases them.

So, the government or anyone working for the government can act as they please with relative impunity. The private workplace could become a landmine for those wanting and needing employment.

Has our esteemed Governor, with the stroke of a pen, begun the bankrupting of my state?

Erica Cook said...

I was talking to my sister about this today, and she said she couldn't understand how this law could pass. I said it was basically a temper tantrum. She said her kids only did this when they were really little, and I said exactly. It's like giving judicial power to a toddler and telling them no.