Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Why are gays angry at Dolce & Gabbanna? Read this letter and you will know

You want to know why the lgbt community is angry at Dolce & Gabbanna's awful words against same-sex families with language about "synthetic children" and "rented uteruses," aside from the fact that they attack our children.

They give the opposition all sorts of fodder to do the same.

The National Organization for Marriage is calling them 'Wonderful Advocates for the True Definitions of Marriage and Family.'

In addition, a group of supposed adult children from same-sex families issued them a "letter of support." And proving that he has neither scruples nor respect for his own people,  Stefano Gabbana thanked these "individuals" for the letter.

But the kicker, the very essence of vile audacity is how one of those who signed that letter, Robert Oscar Lopez, exploited the controversy to attack same-sex families yet again.

Lopez has in the past, said:

 that by siding with the majority to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor failed to connect the dots between same-sex parenting and slavery

claimed "The Gay Movement is an International War on Black People"

insisted same-sex parenting is "creepy gay child abuse masquerading as gay rights"

 directly compared gay parents to slaveowners:

As difficult as it is to believe, his attack on same-sex families today was much worse than any of the above (by way of the blog Goodasyou):

The completely petulant and histrionic response from gay parents like Ryan Murphy to Dolce & Gabbana's comments can give average Americans a small taste of what children in such homes will have to deal with. You can't be a good parent and want to have absolute control over what your kids think and feel, in addition to what the whole world thinks and feels about you and your kids. It's a recipe for emotional abuse of whoever is under your power. Look at the punitive urge, the lust for vengeance, the despotism. That is what I see in Ricky Martin, Jeremy Hooper, Ryan Murphy, and Elton John. These are men who will terrorize human beings if they can, if they are within their striking distance. They acquired children the way they get everything they want in all aspects of their lives: through economic leverage, intimidation, and sheer arrogance. Imagine being a helpless and confused child longing for a mom, and being under the power of a dad who throws out clothing and calls for all-out destruction of anyone who hints that you have lost something by being denied a mom. Imagine not one such man lording over you, but two. This is horrible. These people are disgusting. I hope and pray that Dolce and Gabbana do not capitulate to them. These repulsive tyrants must learn at some point that they are not gods, and they cannot bring the world to their knees.  

That's why we are angry. It takes an absolutely clueless, self-absorbed sort of nastiness to give fodder to those who want to make your own people second-class citizens. And then thank them for the privilege.

Why should Dolce &  Gabbanna care? They are wealthy. They are totally untouched by the fires they have set. They can tune out the voices of the families they have harmed. 

They are clueless so-and-so's who should have at least have the decency to know what is going on in our fight for equality or, at the very least, not post a "thank you" to folks who don't even look at them as worthy of having families.

Here is a little tip for you, Dolce & Gabbanna. To Robert Oscar Lopez, NOM, and the rest of those on the right praising your words, you are undeserving, sinful "fags," just like the of us.

And if you are going to jump headfirst into this so-called culture war, you had better know which side to be on.

Because when they are done praising your words, what do you think they are going to do to you when your backs are turned to them?

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Shannon Spencer Fox said...

I suppose there is a silver lining in this in that it shows how shameless the anti-marriage crowd is, in that they're more than willing to fawn all over anyone who's willing to provide an opinion that technically agrees with their point, no matter where it's coming from.

As for Tweetledee and Tweetledumb here, I've never heard of them before this came to light, but if they want to play the Boondocks' Uncle Ruckus to NOM and their ilk, they're more than welcome to. Can't say I wouldn't be happy for it to affect their bottom-line somehow, but I don't usually buy into that kind of wishful thinking.

Of course, given the writing on the wall, it's not long until they can have whatever opinion they want, and it won't matter... but let it not be said I want to stop someone from turning into the one bigoted relative that nobody wants to talk to at holidays. ;-)