Tuesday, March 17, 2015

'Take a stand against marriage equality' . . . because all of those other 100s of times were just practice

It's not the fact that the man in the video below, Steven Hotze, president of Conservative Republicans of Texas, is announcing an anti-marriage equality march.

It's the language that he uses which intrigues me:

Partial Transcript:

 It’s time for Christians and conservatives to rise up and take a stand for God’s truth about marriage! We must draw a line in the sand. This is a call to action.

It's a long speech so he goes on and on about "militant homosexuals" and "liberals" while asking people to assemble at the State House.

Actually a rally is rather moot right now when it comes to whether or not Texas will be receiving marriage equality, seeing that the issue will be soon in front of SCOTUS.

But notice the language. Not being trying to be snide or anything, but just how many times have you heard some from the conservative or anti-gay right proclaim that "they have to stand up" or that "they have to draw a line in the sand."

It makes you wonder what the heck do they think they have been doing all of this time.

Hotze is propagating the victimhood meme that lgbts and our "allies" are picking on "Christians" and attempting to move them out of the public square while snatching away their rights to boot.

I personally don't like to see anyone's rights snatched away so I am glad that this idea is false. On the other hand, anyone who believe Hotze's drivel has obviously been having asleep these past years, particularly since 2004 when all of this mess exploded.

Christians like Hotze have hardly been sitting down and quiet. They have drawn so many "lines in the sand" that there is now nothing but gravel. And quite honestly, some of them have been "called to action" so many times that I suggest they take a "toke" to calm themselves down.


Anonymous said...

Knowing you screen posts before releasing I must tell you upfront, this is not really a post.

I want to thank you for your work. It is true I don't often post, but, I try to read what you print. I admire and enjoy your views.

While the subject matter is not always enjoyable, that is, in part, the reason pages like yours are necessary.

I understand what you are doing here can consume an enormous amount of time and often be quite frustrating. Thank you, friend, for your work in shedding some light into one of the darker corners of our modern world.

BlackTsunami said...

Thank you, John. I really appreciate your support and wonderfully kind words ;p