Friday, May 15, 2015

Anti-gay Missouri state House Speaker resigns after affair revealed

The text messages which led to the downfall of an anti-gay legislator. 

And part two of the incident regarding married and "righteous" Missouri state Speaker of the House (or should I say former) John Diehl has unfolded with the confession, apology, and resignation:

Diehl, 49, announced Thursday that he was resigning both the speakership and his legislative seat, a day after the Kansas City Star’s website reported that he had exchanged sexually charged messages with a college freshman who worked as a legislative intern. Calling the messages “a serious error in judgment,” Diehl, R-Town and Country, said in a statement that he was “willing to face the consequences” and leave public office.

 . . . The intern involved in the texting, Katie Graham, 19, of Joplin, released a statement Thursday evening identifying herself, thanking her supporters and expressing hope that the internship program would survive. “I want to thank everyone who has reached out to me during this difficult time,” Graham said. “Your support means a lot. This is extremely difficult for both families, and I hope everyone can begin the healing process. I strongly support the Missouri Capitol internship program, and hope it remains a positive experience for other students in the future.”

Far be it from me to pick or gloat, but as I said earlier this week when posting on this issue, according to Right Wing Watch:

Earlier this year, Diehl and the president pro-tempore of the state Senate filed an amicus brief in defense of the state’s anti-gay-marriage amendment, leading the Missouri Family Policy Council, the state affiliate of the Family Research Council, to praise the speaker “for demonstrating moral leadership and true integrity in standing up for the sacred institution of marriage and the family values of the people of Missouri.” The state affiliate of the Southern Baptist Convention thanked him for “fighting to defend biblical marriage.”

 . . .  Diehl also co-sponsored a 2012 bill to ban Gay-Straight Alliances in public schools, which read: “Notwithstanding any other law to the contrary, no instruction, material, or extracurricular activity sponsored by a public school that discusses sexual orientation other than in scientific instruction concerning human reproduction shall be provided in any public school.” The St. Louis Post-Dispatch at the time called it a “hateful and unconstitutional attack on individual rights” and slammed Diehl for backing “a loathsome bill in a cynical attempt to garner support from the right wing.”



Anonymous said...

Me thinks he doth protest too much. Don't remember who wrote that, but, once again, the statement appears to be appropriate.

Would that it were that simple to depose the rest of these self-righteous zealots.

One more metaphor: If you are going to point out what you think is dirt, make sure your own house is clean.

Anonymous said...

I loved this - schadenfreude central! One visit to Jeff City is all it takes to realize that a lot of legislators are not exactly bright. Of course, now that the actual text messages have been posted at the KC Star, one can appreciate how delusional this old fart - 'scuse - middle-aged plain-looking guy has to be to think that some 19 year old has the hots for him. Not only that, but he's texting while at some European junket - explain that to your poor rural constituents who can't afford to get sick.
NancyP (no, I am not in his district)