Thursday, May 28, 2015

Family Research Council spokesman defends countries which persecute gays

FRC's Peter Sprigg defends countries persecuting gays.

This morning, I wrote about how the Family Research Council exploited actual cases of anti-Christian persecution in the Middle East in order to showcase phony anecdotes of anti-Christian persecution in this country.

In an irony which would be funny if it weren't so vile, FRC spokesman Peter Sprigg yesterday actually criticized the Obama Administration for its work against countries which persecute gays.

According to Right Wing Watch:

 . . . on yesterday’s edition of “Washington Watch,” FRC senior fellow Peter Sprigg — who once called for the U.S. to “export homosexuals” — criticized Randy Berry, the Special Envoy for the Human Rights of LGBT Persons, for reportedly traveling to travel to Uganda and Jamaica, where homosexuality is also criminalized. Sprigg said that Berry and the Obama administration are trying to “force this American-style homosexual agenda down the throats of other countries” such as Uganda, “which is one of the countries which has been most bitterly attacked by homosexual activists around the world.”

For the record, Sprigg is actually defending anti-gay persecution in Jamaica where, according to a Human Rights Watch report entitled Not Safe at Home:

LGBT citizens in Jamaica are often driven from their communities by neighbors and sometimes even family. Some health professionals stigmatize them by casting judgment on their sexuality when they seek care. Police protection against bias and physical attacks is generally poor.

And in Uganda, where laws and persecution against gays have been the subject of international unrest for a number of years.

But to Sprigg and the Family Research Council, gays and the Obama Administration are at fault for attempting to put an end to this persecution.

I guess that makes one thing clear -  we know that the Family Research Council supports the persecution of gays in foreign countries, but its obvious that the group doesn't care about anti-Christian persecution in foreign countries, that is unless it can exploit the cases for its own benefit.

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