Thursday, May 28, 2015

'Fox News tiptoed around the Duggar scandal' & other Thursday midday news briefs

Fox News Devoted Less Than Two Minutes To The Duggar Controversy - It's not that I want Fox News to go buckwild on the Duggars scandal, but we all know that if this situation involved a prominent lgbt activist, the network would have probably devoted several shows and a prime time special to it. 

Rick Santorum's 5 Worst Smears: Attacking Gay Rights, Working Women & Church-State Separation - Like some sentient fungus, Rick Santorum just won't go away. He is taking another chance at running for president. Just in case he tries to "retool" his image, let's not forget his past positions, particularly on lgbt equality. 

Family Research Council exploits true victims of religious persecution to fundraise - A reminder of this morning's post. The Family Research Council is so sleazy, it would blame Job's calamities on the lgbt community in order to make a little money.  

Divisive anti-gay marriage bill falls in Texas Legislature - And another one bites the dust. The problem is that there are so many others in waiting.  

Why The Assault On LGBT Rights In The Texas Legislature Failed - The Texas legislature in general was seriously "jonesing" to kick lgbt equality square in the teeth. But it looks like the anti-gay bills all failed, leaving the Texas lgbt community feeling like Buster Keaton in that movie where the house fell on him, but left him unharmed because he stood in the path of an open window.

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