Tuesday, July 14, 2015

'Franklin Graham puts his two cents in about Caitlyn Jenner, moves into Kanye West territory' & other Tues midday news briefs

Franklin Graham - the white, evangelical version of Kanye West.

Franklin Graham says he finds it ‘hard to swallow’ that Caitlyn Jenner got Courage Award - Okay, I get the entire freedom of speech thing, but when a public figures feels the need to comment negatively on almost every lgbt public event, we are moving into demagogue territory here. And it doesn't matter that lgbts are ignoring Graham. His words are emboldening a bunch of ignorant folks. 

Anti-Gay Clerk: Following The Law Is A Violation Of My Rights - I present Exhibit A of the point of the above brief. One saving grace about this nut is that he is very vocal of the fact that he does not want to give ANY marriage license to ANY gay couple even though he knows its discrimination. And he will NOT resign either. He moved way past integrity a while back and is now deeply entrenched into ego. By all means, please proceed, sir.

  God V. Gays Is a False Narrative - Yes it is! And it's about time we started calling it out as such. Lgbts are people faith and we know how to pray and trust in God. Just because certain individuals now bogart the narrative doesn't mean that their view of religion is the only one which matters.  

Poll Finds Most Small Business Owners Oppose Anti-LGBT ‘Religious Freedom’ Laws - I bet you didn't even know THAT. 

 Ford Worker Fired For Anti-Gay Comment Sues For Religious Discrimination - Important case to watch. The notice he was responding to contained NOTHING about sex or the like. He posted a viciously nasty retort and is now claiming that he did so because of his faith. If he wins, then I guess folks can say all sorts of ugly things about lgbts and hide behind their religion.  

Pentagon Confirms Plans To Lift Ban On Transgender Military Service - And that would be awesome!

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