Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Anti-gay leader claims gay parents will lead their children to hell

It was bound to happen. Anti-gay personalities and spokespeople are so upset over 50-state marriage equality that they are now making ugly comments about children in same-sex households.

From Right Wing Watch:

Last night, Vision America's Rick Scarborough spoke at St. Andrew Baptist Church in Panama City, Florida, as part of the church's weekly "Spiritual Revolution - Reclaiming America" series, where he declared that the Supreme Court's gay marriage decision will kill this nation and warned that children will now be adopted by gay parents and wind up in Hell.

I guess Scarborough fails to realize how such rhetoric serves to alienate everyone except for the those truly converted to his rancor. And this isn't a large group. Even so, folks like Scarborough can call us anything they want. But they should really leave out kids out of their tantrums.

No matter because the gay community still have the right to marry, no matter what Scarborough or anyone else can drudge up by way of a scream. Comments like his should only make us stronger and more resolved to get everything we need besides marriage equality.

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