Monday, September 28, 2015

Icons for LGBT History Month - the list I hope to someday make

In light of this Stonewall nonsense, it's important to remember that lgbt heroes come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, religions, and racial ethnicities.Some may have embraced civil disobedience, while others used other means to remind people of our basic humanity or the war of lies and propaganda waged against us. Some were famous, but some were not.

From the Equality Forum comes the list of LGBT History Month 2015 Icons (because October is LGBT History Month). It's a list that I hope to make someday as a  cerebral African-American lgbt who may not have been able to act, sing, play a sport, or achieve a high level of fame, but played a huge role in exposing and dismantling vestiges of homophobic propaganda, thereby clearing the way to our eventual full equality.

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Erica Cook said...

Your on my list