Monday, September 28, 2015

'Anti-gay spokespeople caught lying about Kim Davis support' & other Mon midday news briefs

Did this massive crowd in Peru gather in support of Kim Davis? Hell no.

No, 100,000 People Did Not Gather In Peru To Support Kim Davis. Here’s Proof. - Looky here. Kim Davis' lawyer and others members of the anti-gay right have been caught lying about a prayer rally in Peru supposedly in support of her stance. And it is here which opens another avenue where the anti-gay right can defeat us.  When reading this, many of you will probably yawn and give a cute comment about how anti-gay hate groups have been caught lying yet again. That's a problem which needs to be talked about. It would seem that when the anti-gay right can't beat us with outright lying, they will constantly repeat the same lies in order to desensitize us. It's the equivalent of being struck until you are numb. It takes away your outrage and desire to expose the lie.  When you stop exposing the lies, they can gain traction.

Star Parker: Gay Marriage is 'Bringing Horrible Hostility Into The Public Square' - Read the entire item and listen to what she says (if you have a strong stomach). She is basically whining about gay adoption. Pretty nasty of this woman who runs an organization, CURE, which only exists to give her token black conservative status at right-wing events. 

 Slut-Shaming Through the Disclosure of HIV Positive Status: Danny Pintauro's Recent HIV Positive Announcement - This is a pretty damn good article and I'm glad it was posted because I wanted to work Danny Pintauro's announcement in today's news briefs in a way of relevance and not of gossip. 

 Stonewall Gets What It Deserves, Tanks at the Box Office - As I get older, the Stonewall uprising is reminding me more and more of The Andy Griffith Show episode, 'The Battle of Mayberry.' That's the episode where everyone in town gives self-aggrandizement to their personal ancestor as the person who really won the battle for the town when in reality, no one knew the actual truth. There. I said what I've been feeling about this entire controversy almost since it started.  

Obama: Religious Freedom Is Not A License To Deny Others Their Constitutional Rights - That's MY president who said that. . .

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