Wednesday, October 28, 2015

'Flashes of truth plague anti-gay conference' & other Wed midday news briefs

Another truth bomb from yesterday's session of the anti-gay World Congress of Families (i.e. Legion of Homophobia) conference courtesy of  Brian "The Weasel" Camenker from the anti-gay hate group Mass Resistance. When I'm done, WCF are going to be so sorry they invited him to speak.  

Meet The Anti-Gay Foundation Behind The Utah World Congress Of Families - Surprise! The World Congress of Families receives funding from the same source which paid for the discredited Regnerus study. If I had no scruples, I would declare that I am in the wrong business. Yes, I'm on the right side of history, but this queen has a fascination with faux fur coats and those suckers don't come free. 

Editor's note - The Human Rights Campaign has an entire page devoted to WCF. Check it out. 

 Utah Agrees To Pay $24,000 To Same-Sex Couple It Denied A Joint Birth Certificate - Give it up! Turn it loose!

 Justice Kennedy: Public officials who refuse to follow the law should resign - That means you, Kim Davis! 

 Former Major League Baseball Player Brags He Paid Investigators So He Could Blackmail Gay Umpires - Put this fool UNDER the jail!

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