Wednesday, December 02, 2015

'Anti-gay activist returns with new trash' & other Wed. midday news briefs

Ryan T. Anderson
The Conservatives’ Guide To Justifying Discrimination Against LGBT People - Like a horror movie fungus, Ryan T. Anderson is back. Fresh from his marriage equality defeat, Anderson is now talking about justifying anti-lgbt discrimination.  

Chicago's first LGBT retirement center: 'Here, people would come to my aid' - Wonderful idea. We often forget the elderly lgbt community. 

When Condoms Aren't Enough - From the article - "Critics of the HIV-prevention pill say it's not as good as safe sex. That's a false comparison, and a dangerous one."

 8 Common Misconceptions About HIV And AIDS - Still needs to be known.

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Scott Rose said...

The international anti-LGBT right wing is deploying Ryan T. Anderson as a weapon against our minorities.

Anderson has zero integrity; he STILL promotes the anti-gay Regnerus hoax as if it were a respectable scientific study.

His tactics are cooked up in a bigot stink tank, the boss of which, Jim DeMint, is on current record as believing that no homosexual should ever be allowed to teach school.

The more vulnerable that LGBTers are in the world (i.e. those in Mississippi, Russia or Uganda, or those with anti-gay bigot parents or other guardians or relatives or bosses) the more vulnerable they are to Ryan T. Anderson's floods and floods of hate speech and his anti-gay hate and disinformation campaigns.

Groups like GLAAD are WAY behind the curve on documenting Anderson's political gay bashing campaigns which very clearly are aimed at scoring, domestically, anti-LGBT successes (such as Houston) as well as in the 2016 elections but also, internationally.

Anderson is personally responsible for publishing floods and floods of trans-bashing hate speech, for never doing anything that would steer his followers towards an empathetic and scientific understanding of transgender people. A transgender person was maliciously assaulted in New York City just yesterday -- and Anderson has been prominent among those most media savvy in promoting anti-trans hate speech.

I could easily match the SPLC's criteria for hate group classification to Anderson/Heritage's anti-LGBT lies.

GLAAD, SPLC, and others are asleep at the switch as far as Anderson goes.

The Washington Post published a source-greasing puff-piece about Anderson, which MUST be countered by an expose of him in a similarly situated publication or TV show.

Particular to this blog's focus, Anderson's (and Robert George's et al) thinly veiled gay-bashing Catholic dogma is repackaged as "natural law" without reference to religion yet does correspond to Catholic dogma in every respect. Don't forget that Anderson has actually said that making contraception legal led to gay rights, and he meant it in a pejorative way.

Rebuttals to him on ThinkProgress -- high quality though they may be -- are insufficient to countering him in the political sphere. There needs to be a Washington Post-level expose of his anti-LGBT lies. One good place to start would be with the Regnerus hoax; he was involved in some of its promulgation and neck deep in its initial promotion. Working for Regnerus's main funder, the Witherspoon Institute, as editor of its blog Public Discourse, Anderson heavily (and dishonestly) promoted the hoax study. That is shameful of him, given that he uses academic credentials even while spewing bigot filth that is profoundly un-scholarly.

What will it take to get major LGBT rights groups to respond adequately to this anti-LGBT political threat and danger?