Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Trigger warning be damned - Let us all see the vile face of transphobia, homophobia

In yesterday's newbriefs, I made a serious error.

I linked to a story about a homophobic, transphobic Jacksonville preacher who claimed that he was going to be using the bathroom while dressed in drag.

He said that this was his idea of protesting a human rights ordinance. Well being the talker that he is, the preacher didn't follow through with his claim. However, he was passing out a flyer which I found so disgusting that I refused to post it.

That was a mistake. As nauseating as it is, sometimes it is the duty of us lgbt bloggers to shine a light on the hatred that the media and "upstanding bougiee" lgbt activists won't.  What you are about to see is filthy, vile, disgusting. Ignoring it won't make it go away, sidestepping it won't make it go away. And laughing at it doesn't diminish the power of fear is invokes in those ignorant of the transgender community.

To some of you it may be amusing, but don't be so quick to laugh.

This is the work of those who would stoop to lies and distortions in order to strip the lgbt community, and particularly our transgender brothers and sisters, of their humanity and reduce us into boogeymen out to corrupt children.

And remember that there really is no difference between this flyer and the junk put out by "mainstream" anti-gay groups such as the Family Research Council, except for subtlety. They may not spotlight flyers as extreme as the one below, but language veers toward that direction.

 In the end, it's all a means to the same sick end:


greggf2k3 said...

This man, Kenneth Adkins, does not live in Jacksonville. His Facebook page says that he lives in St Simon's Island, Georgia. He has also stated that his main home and voter registration is in Hawaii. He is a liar and a hypocrite.

Daniel Moreau said...

ok...I'm confused if this poster is meant to defeat the ordinance. It shows 2 pre-op transgender girls using a urinal. Urinals are in the men's room, meaning these girls were not allowed to use the facility of the gender they identify with. This would only occur if the ordinance does not pass. So the poster shows what might occur if the "pastor" gets his way. Not entirely thought through...

Anonymous said...

The flyer doesn't make sense. If these are pre op transwomen they would be using a cubicle in the womans bathroom but by forcing them into the men's that is where the "confusion" would come for "the children".

BlackTsunami said...

Daniel and Anonymous, you both make excellent points. Here is the problem though. When there is so much ignorance out there about the transgender community, the ugly image about transgender women using the bathroom in that way is what some people think is the reality. Truth and common sense are the usual casualties when people turn on their ignorance and fear.

steevee said...

The main message of the flyer seems to be "Trans people! Children! Oh no, their innocence is forever ruined!" If you stop and think about the presentation for 30 seconds, it makes no sense, but the pastor is counting on shock value.