Friday, March 04, 2016

'GA Gov makes biblical argument AGAINST 'religious freedom' bill & other Fri. midday news briefs

Gov. Deal
Georgia’s GOP governor uses New Testament to reject anti-LGBT ‘religious freedom’ bill - It's not just that Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal is standing against the anti-lgbt "religious freedom" that's going to send the religious right into orbit. It's that he uses the Bible as justification. Well played.

Hundreds Of Companies Join Forces Against Anti-LGBT Bill In Georgia - And this is why. There are times in which I am grateful for the "money talks, bull$#@! runs a marathon" attitude to life.  

Caitlyn Jenner Wants To Be A Trans Ambassador For Ted Cruz - Oh girl, no. Just NO. 

 North Carolina lawmakers want to spend $42k/day to repeal Charlotte nondiscrimination ordinance - It would be just cheaper and better to leave it as is. 

 Fox News Actually Just Asked 'Do Gay Marriage Dissenters Have Rights?' Here's Ted Cruz's Answer - Speaking of my last post regarding the ridiculous question a Fox News asked about marriage equality at last night's GOP debate, here is how the candidates answered. And it's just as bad.

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