Monday, March 07, 2016

Cruz to be joined at campaign rally by activist who blamed Holocaust on gays

After several primary wins, it would seem that Ted Cruz is emerging as at least a decent roadblock in Donald Trump's road to the White House.

Of course the media will probably focus on this and omit the fact that a "Cruz presidency" would be extremely disastrous for the lgbt community, Right Wing Watch illustrates why:

We have noted several times before that there seems to be no activist who is too extreme to be embraced by Ted Cruz's presidential campaign and that continues to be the case as today, the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer announced that he will be joining Cruz at a campaign rally in Mississippi on Monday. .

 . . . As we explained in a post that we wrote last year, Fischer is one of the Religious Right's most radical activists and regularly displays stunning levels of bigotry against gays, Muslims and anyone who doesn't share his extremist views: Back in 2009, Bryan Fischer was an obscure state-level Religious Right activist with a history of getting fired for his radical views. From his position as head of the Idaho Values Alliance, Fischer was mostly known for launching boycotts against Hallmark stores for offering cards for gay weddings and celebrating a fatal plane crash as God's payback for abortion. Fischer's radicalism and bigotry were obvious even back then, but that didn't stop the American Family Association from wooing Fischer away from Idaho with an offer to serve as the organization's "director of issues analysis" and host a daily radio program down in Tupelo, Mississippi. Within months of his arrival at AFA, Fischer was already using his national platform to spread his unmitigated bigotry, starting with his demand that all Muslims be banned from serving in the U.S. military, a position that he continues to steadfastly promote to this day. Within a year, Fischer was using his position at AFA to declare that homosexuality should be illegal and that gays should be treated like criminals and banned from serving in public office. While Fischer was advocating for the deportation of all Muslims and an end to the building of mosques in America, the AFA continued to provide him a platform, just as it did when he began calling for whales and bears to be put to death for biblical infractions and blaming the Holocaust on gays.

Believe it or not, compared to other things Fischer has said about lgbts and Muslims, the statements above can be considered mild.  Go to Right Wing Watch to get the full list of Fischer's statements. 

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Skip Mendler said...

It's a marriage made in heaven, actually. I wouldn't be at all surprised to discover they are both deeply closeted,