Monday, May 09, 2016

#BoycottTarget hashtag is a place of complete transphobic lunacy

As much as I hate to jump in the middle of wonderful mood given by Attorney General Loretta Lynch's wonderful speech detailing the lawsuit against NC, I should remind folks who we are fighting.

If the Justice Department has any problem proving animus regarding NC's anti-lgbt HB2, I would recommend they go over to twitter and check out the #BoycottTarget hastag.

This hashtag, started by the anti-lgbt hate group American Family Association in response to Target's trans-inclusive policy (and the petition which is a part of the campaign) have been pretty successful. However, it only demonstrates how many ignorant and hateful folks there are in the twitterverse with too much time on their hands.

AFA will have you believe that it and its supporters of the #BoycottTarget movement are decent, Christian folk who are merely concerned with the safety of women and children. They will have you to believe that there is neither hate nor malice in their hearts.

Some of these folks have a warped idea of decency. I grabbed just a few of the many tweet to demonstrate what I mean. Before you read any of these, I should caution that you are entering rough territory. I specifically took pics of these tweets just in case the parties involved chose to block me in the future. Also, I took the liberty to blot out the names of some of these folks. The point of this post is not to encourage anyone to contact these folks, but to demonstrate just how sadly gullible they are and how vile the American Family Association is for deliberately "rattling their cages" with lies about the transgender community.

First, let's start with the American Family Association:

The next series are various attacks on lgbts, President Obama, Attorney General Lynch, and even the First Lady. It's not pretty:

And then there are the ones using, shall we say, visuals:

 Calling some of these people simply "misguided" would be a mistake. Certifiably homophobic, transphobic individuals who were just looking for a way to make their animus known would be a polite way to describe them. More than that, they are scared. With as much ease as it took them to post these awful tweets, they could have easily moved out of their circle and gotten to know a few transgender men and women. It's obvious that they don't know any. But they won't because it's easier to post a vicious stereotype than it is to refute said stereotype.

Of course some will probably say that their nastiness is not geared at the transgender community, but what Target's policy will allegedly do, i.e. giving an open door to predators.

That's bullshit. No one wanting to have serious answers to this issue would put such juvenile trash out there for the world to see. These folks were looking for something to hate in the supposed names of morality, decency, and Christianity. And in their enthusiasm and "creativity" to express their point of view, they have become the predators and monsters they accuse lgbts and particularly the transgender community of being.

As for the AFA, if I were the organization, I wouldn't be so quick to brag about the folks supporting my efforts. If the AFA were a true Christian group, it would be ashamed  of who it counts as supporters.

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