Monday, May 09, 2016

'NC sues Justice Dept, ACLU & gay couple sues Mississippi' & other Mon. midday news briefs

North Carolina Sues Justice Dept. Over Challenge To Bathroom Law - With all of the "crotch-grabbing" machismo and bluster that GOP official threw at the Justice Department, I'm not surprised over this next step. If McCrory and company wants to do this the hard way, then I'm all for it. They gonna learn. 

Gay couple files lawsuit against Miss. religious freedom law - Meanwhile, WE can do some suing of our own.  

Now Trump Is Just Openly Attacking The Religious Right - This does NOT mean that I am defending the religious right. I'm merely drawing attention to a stupid man who has no control and will lash out like a baby. But he is the presumptive GOP nominee.

Here We Go Again: Roy Moore Suspended For Defying Gay Marriage Rulings - And if he loses his gig - like the last time - the voters will probably put him back in again so he can act like a fool again. Then the process will repeat itself. Works for me. I love merry-go-rounds until folks pushing the buttons get tired. 

 Mat Staver: Transgender Nondiscrimination Laws Are 'Being Financed By Those Who Are Actively Promoting Pedophilia' - Oh please, please, please let this turkey and his silly organization be the ones defending HB2 in court!!


Gordon Clay said...

With this new news, which surprises no one, where does the NCAA stand? Are they going to move ALL of their tournaments out of North Carolina or wait to see if North Carolina legislatures will change their mind because of lost revenue. Even if the legislator and/or governor change their minds, it is clear that they won't be changing their hearts any time soon.

GraciesDaddy said...

FYI, Alvin: "Uncle Roy" Moore CANNOT run for the Alabama Supreme Court again for the simple fact that, by the time he's eligible to run again, he'll be over 70 years old... Which is the cutoff age for ANY judge in Alabama. Besides, he's probably going to have his hands full trying to keep his son, Caleb, out of jail [that boy's outta control]!!