Tuesday, June 14, 2016

'Texas Lt Gov. gives weak defense of anti-lgbt tweet' & other Tue. midday news briefs

Texas Lt. Gov. Patrick Defends His Tweet - In this long-winded, weak ass explanation, I think Patrick said God directed him to send that awful tweet. I've heard more plausible explanations from men caught by their spouses butt naked and in the bed with farm animals. 

From the Radical Religious Right, An Outpouring of Sympathy That Rings Hollow - Regarding that awful Orlando shooter, it is now being speculated that he himself was gay and his actions were the result of self-hating homophobia. If that is the case, we really need a conversation on anti-lgbt propaganda in America. And not a weak gay vs. Christian narrative which is constantly pushed in our faces. We are not talking religions, but lies and distortions designed to make people fear lgbts and make lgbts hate themselves. 

 Pat Robertson: Gays & Islamists Are Allies So 'Let Them Kill Themselves' - Crap like this for example.  

The Other Group Mourning The Orlando Massacre: LGBT Muslims - We cannot forget this.  

These Are Some Of The Heroes Of The Orlando Shooting - Or this.

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