Monday, July 25, 2016

Ramblings before the DNC convention. Just my thoughts.

So today is the start the Democratic National Convention and I hope it's a lot better than last week's monstrosity put on by the Republicans last week.

Since it's my blog, I have no problems with openly supporting Clinton and Kaine. My support is for a simple reason. With those two, lgbts don't stand to lose all that we fought for and won during the Obama Administration.

Every time around the presidential election, certain individuals wake up and start going on about saving the world, a corrupt system, real progressives, etc. etc. I don't mind saying that I'm not interested in saving the world before saving my own world. I'm not taking a risk of sacrificing lgbt progress and starting back from square one just to appease a superficial point.

Don't hand me crap about big banks or any of  the ultra liberal issue du jour. I learned all I need to know about the discipline and commitment of those folks in 2010 and 2012. It's so easy to march and shout slogans than it is to stay in the background and build structure, isn't it? Or get your friends to vote when the stacks are just as high but media attention is nil.

And I'm not even going to talk about that Wikileaks email crap which revealed NOTHING but a frustration over a candidate who stubbornly continued to push even though he was losing. There was nothing proven, except for the gullibility of certain people and their need to find any excuse to push issues which need to stay dead.

I know I'm probably rambling but I can. Here's hoping that this week shows the difference between calm, rationale leadership and hysterical ramblings. And here's hoping that certain shortsighted people don't screw it up.


Jim said...

If you used a sports analogy, that the player pushed hard to the end "even though he was losing" he would get an award. Don't be a hypocrite.
Sanders is the epitome of courage. Fighting against all odds, even against some corrupt team members, he stayed in the game; even gaining the momentum near the end. If he were a basketball player he would get MVP.

Anonymous said...

"My support is for a simple reason. With those two, lgbts don't stand to lose all that we fought for and won during the Obama Administration."

I have tried to explain the above to people who think the world will end if Trump is not elected. O__O
I was a Bernie supporter, but now I HAVE to support Hillary-Kaine. For me there is no other choice, because of the reasons you stated. It actually is that simple.


John Hilgeman said...

Alvin, I'm glad to read your comments. There is so much drama created by the media, and has been so much talk about "revolution," as though one election is going to bring about profound change, that some people seem to have lost sight of the fact that real change happens over time. We have seen real change for the good for LGBT people these last few years. The threat from Trump and from what the Republicant Party has become in the last years is so real and so concrete, that we cannot afford to get caught up in the web of lies that the Republicants have been spinning about Hillary Clinton, and some imagined great "scandal" of a few emails by a few members of the DNC. Whatever one may think about the background actions of some political operatives (when have political operatives not done things in the background to achieve political goals?), it is impossible to ignore and/or minimize the blatant and real threats that the presidency of a character like Donald Trump and a party controlled by small-minded, rich, white, theocratic bigots and liars would bring to our nation and our world and to those of us who are LGBT.

BlackTsunami said...

Jim, I would agree with you except for the part about the corrupt team players. Those emails really show nothing but frustrated DNC officials. Imagine if emails revealing your private conversations were linked.