Monday, July 25, 2016

Gay DNC officials' leaked emails reveal . . . nothing' & other Mon. midday news briefs

With the DNC convention in the back drop, I will continue to bring you news and thoughts:

Gay DNC officials’ emails part of massive WikiLeaks release - Cool your jets. This article isn't about corruption or that ridiculous controversy designed to stir things up. The Gay DNC officials were talking about pushing against false information.

 Miss Major Is A Trans Elder And Stonewall Icon.. And She’s Changing The World - The best interview you probably have yet to read.

 Cleveland mayor signs transgender rights bill - Sweet! 

 Bryan Fischer: The NBA Is Punishing North Carolina For Refusing To 'Take The Mark Of The Beast'- The NBA takes a stand against discrimination in NC by moving the All-Star game away from Charlotte and Bryan Fischer responds in his own "shouldn't be copied" fashion.

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