Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Michelle Obama SLAYS the crowd at the DNC convention

First Lady Michelle Obama knocked it out last night.

The Democratic National Convention may have opened chaotically but ended last night with a  positive bang. While it certainly doesn't ease the tensions and bad feelings brought about by the primary fight between Sanders and Clinton, it was a wonderful beginning which epitomizes how it's going to take hard work and unity to win in November.

In many ways, that is symbolic of the struggle for lgbt equality. All speeches were wonderful. Sen. Booker set the tone, Sen. Warren brought the heat. And Sen. Sanders brought the passion and spelled out why his revolution goes past primaries, candidates, and petty squabbles. Because it's really not his revolution, but all of ours.

However, the speech which everyone is talking about is the following by First Lady Michelle Obama. The only way I can full get you to understand how good it was is by this video showing its entirety:

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Jim Elliott said...

Her speech was incredibly moving. Compared to last week, all of last night's speeches were uplifting. I watched her speech again this morning and it was even better the 2nd time around.