Tuesday, July 26, 2016

'Democrats ratifies most pro-LGBT platform ever' & other Tue midday news briefs

Democrats ratify most pro-LGBT platform ever - THIS happened amidst all of the talk of squabbling and such. And I'm a practical queen.  This is a million times better than the kick in the face the GOP gave us. I WANT this. ALL OF THIS. 

Here’s Proof That Policing Trans People In Bathrooms Isn’t Actually About Women’s Privacy - Spin false fears of transgender women being predators while protecting the bull#@!^ of heterosexual men taking photos and videos up women's skirts. What the hell?!!

 Group Livid Over Gay Couple On 'Loud House' Voiced By Wayne Brady, Michael McDonald - And it begins. Where the heck were these folks when Bugs Bunny was dressing in drag? LOL

  Revealed: The Right-Wing Movement’s Agenda For Trump’s First 180 Days - Enough to turn your hair white.  

Christian hate group lawyers wrote Mississippi’s blocked anti-LGBT law - Surprise! Or not.

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