Friday, August 12, 2016

'Daily Beast dealing with fall out from gay-shaming article' & other Fri. midday news briefs

Daily Beast: 'We were wrong' to publish article nearly outing gay Olympians - Yesterday, the Daily Beast published a highly irresponsible article which put lgbt Olympic athletes at risk. Even though the article was yanked, the publication is still dealing with the fall out, fueled by a righteously indignant lgbt community. Haven't folks learned not to cross the lgbt community?  

Grindr is not a gay sex peep show for straight people - The Daily Beast WILL learn today.

 Uganda’s LGBT Community Is Facing A New Wave Of Government Oppression - Speaking of oppression . . .  

New CDC Report: LGB Youth Face 'Heartbreaking' Level of Risk for Violence, Suicide Attempt, Bullying - We have to do more for our lgbt youths.

  LGBT Rights Opponent Newt Gingrich To Address Log Cabin Republicans - For Pete's sake, guys . . .

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