Friday, August 12, 2016

Family Rearch Council bragging about Trump speaking at its event

Does any of the recent controversies with Donald Trump (such as falsely claiming that Hillary Clinton and President Obama founded the terrorist group ISIS, attacking a Gold Star family, telling Russia to hack Clinton's email, implying to his supporters that Clinton should be assassinated should she be elected, etc. etc.) minimize his standing in any way with the "Christian" group the Family Research Council?

Of course not:

It's not surprising to a lot of us that FRC , in spite of its constant spin about morality and values, have remained pretty much silent throughout the ado about Trump's inability to show the poise and discipline one would expect from a presidential candidate.

The only value FRC is concerned about is power and the organization doesn't seem to care whose coat tails it rides upon to get that power.

The next thing you know, FRC will be praying to God that Voter ID laws be passed even though it's been proven that those laws unfairly target African-American voters.

My mistake. The organization already has.

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