Tuesday, December 06, 2016

American Family Association fails miserably in its defense of Breitbart

Religious right groups are pandering very hard to defend the Breitbart news site from accurate charges that it panders to the white supremacist alt-right and embraces racism, sexism, and anti-Semitism.

First it was the Family Research Council defending the site and its former editor, Steve Bannon, while omitting the website's history of appealing to white supremacists.

Now, it is the American Family Association not only defending Breitbart but also its boycott of the Kellogg corporation. Recently, Kellogg, citing that Breitbart's appeal to the white supremacist alt-right, pulled its advertising from the site.  Via its fake news publication, One News Now, AFA said the following about the decision:

"... Kellogg's has shown how utterly intolerant they are of anyone's viewpoint other than their own," AFA spokesman Walker Wildmon says by way of explanation.

AFA is known for past boycotts, too, including an ongoing boycott of Target stores due to a liberal corporate policy that caters to transgendered employees and customers.

AFA is also familiar with left-wing scare tactics, since the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center has designated AFA a "hate group."

Writers at Breitbart.com wrote glowingly about Trump during the presidential campaign, drawing criticism from fellow conservatives about its editorial content. Yet the website drew little attention from the Left until Bannon was named an advisor to Trump in the final months of the campaign. 

It's ironic that AFA calls Kellogg 'intolerant" for its boycott of Breitbart and then in the next sentence admits that the organization itself has engaged in a number of boycott. So to AFA, Kellogg is intolerant for boycotting but the organization itself isn't.

To make matters even more pathetic,  AFA attempts to defend Breitbart from the charge that it is anti-Semitic. But the defense can be best described this way - "Breitbart is not anti-Semitic for using what can be considered as a slur against Jewish people because it was a Jewish man who wrote the piece in which the slur appeared."

Ridiculous. But even if this explanation was feasible,  it was the only explanation AFA gave in its defense of Breitbart. I'm curious as to how quickly the so-called Christian organization would defend these other headlines from Breitbart:

And let's not forget the following because it's important:

Race Warriors Decry ‘White Jesus’

That's the headline to the Breitbart article which was linked from AFA yesterday

That's right. The AFA sometimes links to articles on the Breitbart webpage, which is probably the main reason for it's pathetic defense. It just wouldn't do for a so-called Christian publication to link to a site thought of as a haven for white supremacists.

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