Tuesday, December 06, 2016

'TX bill could endanger lgbt youth' & other Tue. midday news briefs

TX Lt. Gov Dan Patrick unveils a damaging bill for lgbt youth.

New Texas bill endangers LGBT youth: Behind the legislation that could lead to a surge in anti-gay conversion therapy - Texas again. Deferring to "faith-based communities" communities when it comes to the fostering and adopting of children is a HUGE mistake. And yes, it would be worse than the problem it's supposed to solve. Seems to me that some Texas officials were too concerned with picking on lgbts instead of doing their jobs and here we are.

 Here’s What It’s REALLY Like Having A Transgender Parent - With all of the talk about the transgender community in the news, does it bother you that the media doesn't spotlight enough medical professionals, transgender men and women, or their children instead of phony experts from religious right and conservative think tanks? 

University of Oklahoma football players targeted with anti-gay abuse - Isn't it awful how some people use calling someone gay as an insult? When someone told me once said to me, "at least I don't suck d#$k," I retorted, "well maybe if you applied yourself, you never know what you could achieve." 

 Trans Activist Whose Epic Trump Rant Went Viral Speaks Out - Sister girl when OFF on Trump!

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