Monday, December 19, 2016

Second anti-gay group president hints about purging lgbt equality supporters from the State Department

Austin Ruse
Family Research Council president Tony Perkins is facing a criticism for a recent remark he made advising President-elect Donald Trump to get rid of State Department officials who support the "promotion" of lgbt equality in other countries.

But he is not the only religious right leader speaking out publicly on this issue. Austin Ruse, who heads an organization, the Center for Family and Human Rights (and a personal enemy of mine) also hinted on the same advise for Trump.

But in, shall we say, less polite language:

Consider this: Sometime during the Obama administration, they determined to bring the homosexual issue into the congressionally mandated Office of Religious Freedom of the State Department. This is the office that is to report annually on the persecution of religions around the world. Obama shoe-horned LGBT into that office, much to the chagrin of some of those working in the office. A contact formerly in that office told me that those who objected were sidelined and later fired. This person told me this exact same thing has happened all over the federal government where organized LGBTs have gotten people fired who stood in their way or otherwise objected to their agenda.
The anti-Christian rainbow flag flies over U.S. embassies all over the world. Exporting LGBT is now part of the "DNA" of our foreign policy, often to the detriment of our legitimate national security. We have homosexuals openly serving in the military, without a doubt something that is harmful to unit cohesion, but we have the proposition of men in dresses openly serving as well. Even more, we may be forced to use taxpayer money to pay for sex-change operations. We have Christians hounded out of the military for expressing Christians beliefs about human sexuality.

It is crucial that anyone who takes a top spot in the administration in any of the agencies to know that sexual radicals have burrowed in and burrowed deep and they are out to protect their turf and they are out to take scalps – Christian scalps.

Bear in mind that while Ruse didn't outright say anything about "purging" the State Department of those who support lgbt equality, the semantics behind his mentions of "Christian scalps" and "anti-Christian rainbow flags" serves to point in that direction.

Ruse's caterwauling is nothing more than alarmist tripe, but not surprising. His organization, the Center for Family and Human Rights is a Southern Poverty Law Center designated hate group, just like the Family Research Council.

In 2014, SPLC called out Ruse for his use of violent rhetoric when he said “hard left, human-hating people that run modern universities…should all be taken out and shot.”

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Mark Alexander said...

"We have Christians hounded out of the military for expressing Christians beliefs about human sexuality."

Not that it's happening, but I have absolutely no issue with it!