Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Anti-lgbt activist furious over veto of South Dakota anti-transgender bill

Linda Harvey not happy with veto.
South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard's recent veto of an awful bill which would have harmed transgender schoolchildren is getting plaudits in many circles.

That is except for the circles involving the anti-gay right. On the American Family Assocation's fake news site, One News Now, he is being called spineless in a ridiculous article which cites no legal or medical experts, but arch-doyenne of anti-lgbt hysteria, Linda Harvey.

Harvey, who leads the SPLC-designated hate group Mission America, was practically apoplectic with Daugaard:

"I cannot be more concerned about the spineless lack of courage [and wisdom] that so many leaders are showing ... in standing up for children . . .because this will definitely take many children into a place that is dark."

Of course Harvey omits that Gov. Daugaard decided to veto the bill after talking to transgender South Dakota residents, including children.

Harvey who, amongst other things, one time claimed that lgbts do not exist and another, advised parents not to let their children be taken care of by gay medical professionals, also said:

"People in the pews are looking for leadership," she tells OneNewsNow. "They're looking for guidance, they're looking for the pastors to back them up as they teach their own children and make these stands in their own lives in the workplace [and] in schools.

"And if the pastors teach nothing and remain silent – or worse, they teach ... what are essentially erroneous homosexual-agenda talking points – people are misled greatly. And that's really a large reason our culture is where it is now: in the embrace of homosexuality."

The best and most comical part of Harvey's vent is at the end of the article:

 Harvey believes some pastors seem to appear apologetic because they have been persuaded that homosexuals are the victims and the Christians are the aggressors. She argues that a clear and balanced biblical approach to homosexuality and other cultural issues is what needs to be taught in churches.

I trust Harvey to give a "balanced"approach to homosexuality with as much enthusiasm as I would trust David Duke to give a "balanced" approach to black history.

'Defeat of South Dakota anti-transgender bill proves visibility matters' & other Wed. midday news briefs

South Dakota Gov. Daugaard
Aside from yesterday's Super Tuesday wildness, the huge story was the South Dakota governor's veto of an ugly bill targeting transgender children. The bill, passed by the state legislature, would had the definite potential of restricting bathroom access to transgender students. The veto came as a huge surprise and the story developing is that it came about because Gov. Dennis Daugaard met with a group of transgender students who explained to him how the bill would negatively effect them.

It's an old story which should be repeated whose lesson should always be taken to heart. We must be public, take a stand, demand respect from our legislators and the most of all, the right to tell our stories. A group not silenced cannot be defined by its enemies:

South Dakota Governor Vetoes Restriction on Transgender Bathroom Access

South Dakota governor vetoes transgender bathroom bill, saying it 'invites conflict and litigation'

In other news:

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Video - 12 Openly Gay Oscar Winners

Unlike some folks, I feel there are more important things to be angry about other than Sam Smith's verbal gaffes at the recent Oscar ceremony, such as the fact that he is only 23 and NOW owns an Oscar. On the contrary, his comments provide an excellent excuse to remind folks about openly gay Oscar winners, like on the following video courtesy of Buzzfeed: